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The National Post Loves Our EH-mazing Canadian menu

Thursday, 1 Jun 2017
The WORKS Gourmet Burger is celebrating Canada's 150th with "EH-mazing" new burger creations -- The Canadian-based gourmet burger icon is featuring new items made by Canadians…for Canadians. Click for more Canadiana

Food Junkie Chronicles EH-njoy The New Menu

Thursday, 1 Jun 2017
We bringing you an EH-mazing new menu in honour of Canada's 150th Food Junkie Chronicles

The WORKS Adds Nutella to the Baconism Menu

Thursday, 20 Apr 2017
Food-service franchise system The Works Gourmet Burger Bistro has launched its Hella Good ‘Tella burger as part of its new Baconism menu. For More Nutella Action..

The WORKS Launches Nutella Burger!

Wednesday, 12 Apr 2017
The burger company that developed the Reese PBC has done it again with another innovative burger Click for Nutella!

We Made Canadian Living's List of Top Ten Burgers In Canada!!

Friday, 24 Mar 2017
Canadian Living asked their online community to share their fave burger joint, and our fans chimed in with their burger love!! Check Out The List!

Roald Dahl would Approve This Menu

Wednesday, 8 Mar 2017
Works appeals to children of all ages with its sense of humour. Drinks are served in Pyrex measuring cups. Toilets are called “the dumping zone.” And, for now, the Oakville-based chain is serving a Trump Joke Burger “with a wall of fries.” Read more

Sweet Dreams Are Made of Cheese at The WORKS

Monday, 23 Jan 2017
The WORKS Gourmet Burger Bistro is excited to introduce three, new limited time only burgers. As if 50 gourmet burgers, 11 different kinds of cheese, 8 different kinds of ice-cold beer and hand-made shakes weren't enough, The WORKS continues to be the innovation leaders, this time by making their guests' Cheese Dreams come true. Sweet Dreams Begin Here

The WORKS Port Credit Is A Hidden Gem!

Monday, 19 Dec 2016
The WORKS Gourmet Burger Bistro's mission is to make the world's best burger, and I would say that they are definitely on their way! Located in the heart of Port Credit, they have burgers to suite everyone's tastes including gluten free burgers. Their milkshakes are world-famous and delicious. The WORKS Port Credit

The Creators of The Burger that Broke The Internet Have Done It Again!

Wednesday, 19 Oct 2016
The WORKS Gourmet Burger Bistro, creators of the Reese PBC, a peanut butter cup STUFF'D burger that went viral last year on every major news outlet including national television networks, magazines, newspapers, talk shows and online in the USA, Canada and 200 other countries, is excited to announce even BIGGER news to their annual GET STUFF'D limited time promotion. Get Stuff'd Here

We're Moving to Cage-Free Eggs!

Wednesday, 28 Sep 2016
The WORKS Gourmet Burger Bistro is proud to commit to serving cage-free eggs at all WORKS locations by 2025. We believe that the transition to 100% cage-free eggs is the right thing to do for our guests and animal welfare. Read more

The WORKS Takes A World Burger Tour

Monday, 11 Jul 2016
Head to the WORKS to experience a world of burger flavours! Take The World Tour

The WORKS Believes in Bacon

Tuesday, 12 Apr 2016
Our new Baconism III menu means serious business...Burger Business Click for more bacon

Taking A Bite Out Of Hunger

Sunday, 3 Apr 2016
Join us today for our 15th Anniversary and help us give back to YOUR local food bank Click to help hunger


Tuesday, 2 Feb 2016
Check out our Patty Like A Rockstar feature in Foodservice & Hospitality Magazine Click for more info

The WORKS Launches Rockstar Burgers

Tuesday, 26 Jan 2016
The WORKS launches a new menu with a Shrimp and Beef Patty on their Surf N Turf and the Hazed and Confused with a Bacon and Beef Patty! Read more

Canadian Chain Launches Shrimp-Beef Burger Combo

Tuesday, 19 Jan 2016
Apparently seasonal menus are dead, but we didn't get the memo! Patty Like A Rockstar
Check out our very own Chef Shane and the reese PBC on Good Morning America in Washington!

Taste Test Tuesday on Good Morning America

Tuesday, 15 Dec 2015
Check out our very own Chef Shane and the reese PBC on Good Morning America in Washington! Watch the awesome!

Trudeau Burger Created By Canadian Chain

Wednesday, 2 Dec 2015
We're celebrating our new Prime Minister the only way we know how...with a burger! Read if you love Canada

It's National Chocolate Day! Here's A Burger With Reese's In It

Wednesday, 28 Oct 2015
Celebrate National Chocolate day with burgers? Hell yes! If You Have Good Taste

Seth Meyers says...

Wednesday, 28 Oct 2015
"If you could have one burger before you die..." Prepare to laugh...

This Reese's Peanut Butter Cup-Stuffed Burger Is Dinner and Dessert in One

Tuesday, 27 Oct 2015
US Weekly has nothing but nice things to say in their feature on our reese PBC For more burger love...

Heart-stopping? Canadian restaurant chain debuts Reese's Peanut Butter Cups-stuffed burger

Tuesday, 27 Oct 2015
Our Reese PBC burger creation is making headlines...big USA Today! Read More...

It's About Time You Get Stuff'd

Tuesday, 27 Oct 2015
Watch our video to learn all about our tasty Get Stuff'd burgs! Watch Now!

The 10 Weirdest Burger Toppings In Toronto

Wednesday, 12 Aug 2015
We don't mind being called weird one little bit...especially when it comes to crazy burger toppings! More weird here...

Infographics of Awesome Toronto Burgers

Monday, 10 Aug 2015
Toronto is Awesome...and so are our burgers! More Awesomeness Here

The WORKS Celebrates Burger Brewbecue

Sunday, 26 Jul 2015
Our new Burger Brewbecue menu is making news...check out the shout-out on Foodservice & Hospitality! Click for Beer & Burgs...

Hip Chips: Toronto's Best French Fries

Friday, 17 Jul 2015
In case you haven't heard, our fries are kind of a big deal... To drool, click here...

Workin' It For Peel Memorial

Friday, 17 Jul 2015
To celebrate their two year anniversary, The WORKS Brampton decided to do what we do best...give back to the community Help Us Give Back

The WORKS Is Rocking Downtown Oakville's Midnight Madness

Wednesday, 15 Jul 2015
Watch as Chef Shane makes his latest burger creation with beer-battered, panko-crusted, deep-fried bacon for the fans of CHCH Morning Live in Hamilton Click for more burgers

The WORKS Niagara Falls is open for business!

Thursday, 2 Jul 2015
Our newest location in the heart of downtown Niagara Falls opened to rave reviews about our burgers, beer, and service! Read More...

"Patty Like A Rockstar" Is Serious Burger Business

Tuesday, 21 Apr 2015
Burger Business is talking about "Patty Like A Rockstar" Click for Rockstar Status

The Nacho Libre is a guest on the Marilyn Denis Show!

Tuesday, 21 Apr 2015
Host of Food Network's 'Eat St', James Cunningham, shares some of the most outrageous munchies out there, including our very own fully-loaded nacho-topped burger! To hear a crunchy burg...

Bloggers are talking about The WORKS Kingston!

Friday, 3 Apr 2015
Read on as Rosalyn Gambhin, Staycationer turned Foodie, falls in love with the food, service and atmosphere at our Kingston location... Click for Burger Love

Yet Another Blogger Loves Our Baconism II Menu

Monday, 16 Mar 2015
Blogger Heartless girl just so happens to heart bacon... Click For Tons of Bacon

Eat N Mingle LOVES Baconism

Tuesday, 10 Mar 2015
Blogger Eat N Mingle tries our Baconism II menu, and surprise...discovers he loves bacon Click for more bacon

Chef Shane Talks Bacon on CHCH Morning Live!

Friday, 6 Mar 2015
You're definitely going to want bacon after you watch as Chef Shane showcases our amazing Baconism II menu on CHCH Morning Live! Read more

Abbey's Kitchen Believes in Baconsim

Tuesday, 17 Feb 2015
Abbey's Kitchen falls in love with bacon all over again Click for bacon

Strategy Magazine: Bringing Home The Bacon

Wednesday, 4 Feb 2015
Oakville, ON-based gourmet burger restaurant The Works (which is best known for its odd array of toppings, such as mac and cheese or pineapple and purple beets) has launched a five-week campaign around three new limited edition bacon-centric burgers, after last year’s “Baconism” promotion proved the most successful limited time offering of the company’s history, despite being promoted in-store only. Read more

Chef Shane on CHCH Morning Live

Friday, 30 Jan 2015
Our very own Chef Shane's appearance on CHCH Morning Live which was live on air on Wednesday, January 28th, 2015 Read more

Healthy Resolutions are Over; Bacon’s Back

Friday, 16 Jan 2015
Upscale burgers and bacon keep getting written off as flash-in-the-cast-iron-pan fads. In December 2012, Josh Ozersky wrote in Time that “bacon as a trend is a monster that won’t die, and I can’t understand why.” Read more

The Works focusing on Ontario growth

Thursday, 8 Jan 2015
The Works Gourmet Burger Bistro is continuing to focus its growth on Ontario while scouting for about eight locations. Read more

The Works Introduces ‘Cooking-with-Beer’ Menu

Thursday, 8 Jan 2015
No burger topping or flavour combination is off limits at the Oakville, Ont.-based Works Gourmet Burger Bistro, which hosted a media lunch to showcase new limited-time offerings and announce recent expansion plans. Read more

The WORKS Gourmet Burger Bistro

Thursday, 8 Jan 2015
With over 50 gourmet burgers to choose from, I was really excited to finally check out The Works (@worksburger). They first opened in 2001 in Ottawa and now has 26 locations, they have also won many awards, including Ottawa's best Burger for the past 13 years in a row. Read more

Tapping Into Beer Flavours

Tuesday, 4 Nov 2014
It was almost a year ago that The Works Gourmet Burger Bistro introduced its “Believe in Baconism” limited-time menu—a deep-fried bacon appetizer, a milkshake with bacon and three bacon-ladenburgers—capitalizing on the bacon trend when it was on the minds and in the mouths of customers everywhere. Tapping Into Beer Flavour

The Works Has Beer Burgers On Tap

Tuesday, 21 Oct 2014
Burgers and craft beers have gone steady long enough to worry their parents but Canada’s The Works Gourmet Burger Bistro chain is thinking marriage with two limited-time beer-infused burgers and a third with a touch of root beer. Read more

Blog - The 10 weirdest burger toppings in Toronto

Tuesday, 21 Oct 2014
The weirdest burger toppings in Toronto are a beautiful exploration of what a hamburger can be. Read more

Burger Business - Cheesy Chicken, Southern Charm, Hot Magma and More

Tuesday, 21 Oct 2014
Canada’s The Works Gourmet Burger Bistro chain already boasts 50 burger choices but it has found room to stuff in three more Read more

The WORKS Kitchener opens it's doors!

Friday, 19 Sep 2014
Local owner Shirley Maclean talks to 570 News FM about the latest WORKS Gourmet Burger Bistro shop in Kitchener, Ontario! Read more

Come satisfy your burger craving @ The WORKS Kitchener - Now Open!

Wednesday, 10 Sep 2014
Come by The WORKS Kitchener & get your burger on! 589 Fairway Rd. S, Kitchener. ON Read more

Voted Best Milkshakes in Toronto by BlogTO

Tuesday, 15 Jul 2014
As a burger joint, The Works does well with its great list of milkshakes. Unusual ones like coconut, coffee and peppermint are further complimented by the chef creations like the 2001 Shake Odyssey - a blend of caramel, peanut butter and Oreo cookies. Three sizes - 8oz, 16oz, and 32oz - run $3.97, 5.98 and 9.88 respectively. Tack on $1 more if you want to try one of the “creations”. Read more

The WORKS voted best Gluten-Free restaurant by

Wednesday, 9 Jul 2014
Article: If you’re looking for a fancy burger, then find The Works Gourmet Burger Bistro at one of its three Toronto locations. 100% Canadian Beef, flame grilled and offering 70 different burger combinations, fries, salads and more, you’ll never get bored! All patties are gluten-free and they offer special buns as well as a massive assortment of toppings. Hand-scooped milkshakes will top off your meal and give you that throwback diner vibe. Read more

Sleeping in the streets to raise money for the homeless!

Monday, 7 Jul 2014
So proud of our St. Kitt's WORKS crew who slept in the streets to raise money for the homeless. What an experience it was providing a brief, yet powerful glimpse into what people living on the streets go through. Read more

The WORKS served up burgs @ #FoodAidDay & helped raise over $134,000 for the OFB!

Wednesday, 11 Jun 2014
The WORKS cooked up 1,600 burgers at City Hall and Agriculture Canada in support of The Ottawa Food Bank for the annual #FoodAidDay event. In total we helped to raise over $134,000 this year, all of which will be spent on local beef and provided to over 50,000 people in need! We're a proud partner of The Ottawa Food Bank and happy to be part of such a great event! Read more

The WORKS won the Canadian Technomic Full Service restaurant award for Craveability!

Wednesday, 11 Jun 2014
Congratulations to The WORKS for their big WIN @ The Canadian Technomic awards! We WON full Service restaurant award for Craveability! Read more

Ottawa Citizen Article: How the winners of Ottawa's Lotto Max lottery could spend $32 million

Tuesday, 10 Jun 2014
They could buy 6,400 burgers — really good burgers: The “FleurBurger 5000” made in Las Vegas is one of the most decadent burgers in the world and it comes with a hefty $5,000 price tag. The burger is made from Kobe beef and comes adorned with foie gras, black truffles on a brioche bun and is served with a bottle of Petrus. If you wanted to be more frugal, you could buy every item on the menu at The Works or Hintonburger. Read more

The WORKS Kingston sponsoring the Boys & Girls Club Race for kids!

Sunday, 1 Jun 2014
The WORKS Kingston participated in the Boys & Girls Club Race for kids. As a checkpoint and sponsor, crew donated their time to make this a key local fundraising event. Read more

Get Elk'd @ The WORKS in support of The Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation!

Friday, 30 May 2014
From April 21 - July 13th, 2014 $0.50 from every Elk burger sold will go towards The Canadian Breast Cancer foundation. Plus if you post a "Elk Selfie" on our Facebook or Twitter pages you will get entered to WIN FREE BURGERS FOR A YEAR or a 1-year gym membership! Read more

Dave Arnold @ The WORKS Newmarket!

Thursday, 8 May 2014
Dave Arnold Canada's first ever Canadian Supermoto Champion stopped into the WORKS Newmarket to have his name sake burger and sign autographs! Read more

Rogers TV interview @ The WORKS Newmarket

Wednesday, 2 Apr 2014
Check out The WORKS Newmarket owner Mike Albright and President & COO Scott Lewis interviewing on Rogers TV. Click "read more" to see the full video! Read more

The WORKS London on 102.3 Bob FM!

Thursday, 27 Mar 2014
Talk show hosts Stax & Pete from 102.3 Bob FM London are "Baconism believers" check out this clip to hear more! Read more

The WORKS "Secret Menu" on CTV Ottawa

Thursday, 27 Mar 2014
Check out The WORKS "secret menu" featured on CTV Ottawa. Read more

Epic Burgers you can find in Toronto

Friday, 21 Mar 2014
You could take almost any burger from The Works menu and put it here. Their menu consists of burger upon burger combination that few people could fathom. The Full Mountie is one of their more simple ones, but it's also an ingenious one (and a truly Canadian one). The burger is topped with fries, cheese curds, and gravy. In other words, it's a poutine on a hamburger made from 100% fresh Canadian beef. This is definitely a case when it's ok to go full mountie. Read more

The WORKS Hamilton featured on Y108 Radio

Tuesday, 4 Mar 2014
Check out the exclusive interview with co-owner Nathan Irwin and Brian West from Y108. "Everybody knows The WORKS Burger is a GOOD burger" says Brian. Chick "read more" to hear the spot! Read more

The WORKS is starting strong in 2014

Thursday, 23 Jan 2014
Burger Business Article:Canadian chain The Works has introduced a new philosophy disguised as a menu promotion: Baconism. Tenets of the philosophy include a new Bacon Me Crazy Burger with two strips of deep-fried bacon and creamy bacon mayo toped with lettuce, tomatoes, Jack cheese, red onion and dill pickle slices. The Chicks Dig Bacon is a chicken breast wrapped in four smoked-bacon slices, dusted with Cajun flour and deep fried. It’s topped with lettuce, Havarti cheese and a fried onion ring. Read more

Justin Trudeau dropped by The WORKS Milton!

Tuesday, 3 Dec 2013
Justin Trudeau, Canadian politician and the leader of the Liberal Party of Canada stopped by The WORKS Milton & enjoyed our new Pumped Up Pumpkin Shake yesterday. Turns out that The WORKS Milton is the new celeb hot spot! Read more

Mike Bullard goes "Behind The Bullard Burger" @ The WORKS Milton!

Tuesday, 3 Dec 2013
Check out Mike Bullard as he goes "Behind The Bullard Burger". Click "Read More" to view the video footage! You've gotta check this out! Read more

Mike Holmes makes it right. And he loves WORKSBURGERS!

Sunday, 1 Dec 2013
Check out Mike Holmes, famous Canadian residential home improvement contractor and television show host dining @ The WORKS Milton! Read more

Nick Dixon from CHCH tours The WORKS Milton

Wednesday, 27 Nov 2013
Check out The WORKS Milton on CHCH news, an exclusive interview with Nick Dixon. Click "read more" to view the video. Read more

$50 <-- BUY THIS, GET THAT --> $10

Friday, 22 Nov 2013
From now until January 6, 2013 - buy a $50 WORKS gift card and get $10 all for yourself! Order online or visit any WORKS location today. Read more

Walter Gretzky loves "The Great One” a Wayne Gretzky inspired burg @ The WORKS Brantford.

Wednesday, 20 Nov 2013
Check out the one and only Walter Gretzky taking a photo with shop owners Jenna & Charlie in front of his son's memorabilia @ The WORKS Brantford. Read more

The WORKS launches a NEW menu across Canada!

Monday, 18 Nov 2013
Gotta love that new menu smell. Come on in and check out our new menu at any WORKS restaurant in Canada! Visit to check out our delicious new menu items! Read more

The WORKS opens shop in Newmarket, ON! SNAP magazine article.

Monday, 28 Oct 2013
"The food here is truly tasty & amazing and MUST be sampled. Everything on the menu has been specially named and in certain cases, reflects on our local community that The Works gets involved with. Their customer service is exceptional the environment is very cozy with exceptional detail. If you have not yet tried a Works Burger I highly recommend you do so, I especially enjoyed the Hurricanes' HIP CHECK while Fire Chief Ian Laing from Central York Fire Services Favorited the STATION 41 burger" Read more

Jackson Square renewal gets boost from burger franchise - CBC Hamilton

Tuesday, 15 Oct 2013
The latest catalyst to Hamilton's urban renewal effort comes in the form of a sizzling burger. Tigertown Triumph, with gouda cheese, bacon and avocado is one of the five local flavours offered by the Canadian burger franchise The Works. The 102-seat restaurant opened at Jackson Square Mall on Tuesday. The trendy restaurant is one of three major new tenants of the downtown mall this year. Click "read more" to view full article. Read more

Best Burger in Ottawa! Article by

Wednesday, 18 Sep 2013
Looks like you’re long overdue for a burger Weekendtripper, and your best option in Ottawa right now is a 100% freshly made Canadian beef patty from The WORKS — an Ottawa-bred restaurant obsessed with making the world’s best gourmet burgers. There are burgers…And then there are burgers masterminded by places like The WORKS. Click "read more" for the full article. Read more

Biz Beat: From the classroom to the grill - Article Niagara Falls Review

Thursday, 5 Sep 2013
Retired Niagara District Catholic School Board principal and superintendent Mario Ciccarelli stands with his daughter, Jenna, in front of the new restaurant they will manage in St. Catharines. Ciccarelli spent 31 years as an educator before deciding to own his own business. MATT DAY Niagara Falls Review. Click "Read More" to read the full article. Read more

The WORKS Opens in Brantford!

Wednesday, 21 Aug 2013
The latest addition to Brantford’s downtown revitalization will open its doors across from Harmony Square on Wednesday in support of the Brant Community Healthcare System. Click "read more" to read the full article. Read more

Twenty-five down and many more to go! The Daily Exchange Magazine Article.

Friday, 16 Aug 2013
The WORKS Gourmet Burger Bistro is proud to announce the opening of its 25th restaurant in Brantford, Ontario as national expansion plans move full steam ahead. Originating in the heart of Ottawa, this award-winning restaurant has grown immensely over the past three years, successfully opening restaurants in three provinces across the country with even more to open this year. Click "read more" to see the full article. Read more

Why Canadians are growing hungry for ‘gourmet’ burger chains

Friday, 16 Aug 2013
Check out Andy O'Brien, President, CEO and Chief BurgerHead of The Works in this Financial Post Article on Gourmet Burger Chains. “If you think about the generation Ys, the people under 35, they have grown up customizing everything from music to clothes to how they live and shop — it is all about getting what they want,” said Andy O’ Brien, a co-owner and chief executive of The Works. Read more

The WORKS brings new flavour to the capital of Newfoundland and Labrador!

Tuesday, 23 Jul 2013
The WORKS Gourmet Burger Bistro is proud to open its newest location in St. John’s. Originating in the heart of Ottawa, this award-winning restaurant has grown immensely over the past decade, now hitting 24 locations across Canada with even more to open this year. BURGERHEADS lined the street to get the first taste of a WORKSBURGER at the first location in Newfoundland! Read more

Burger bistro's got The WORKS Metroland News Pickering

Monday, 15 Jul 2013
PICKERING - Cathy Taylor is the owner of The WORKS Gourmet Burger Bistro, which recently opened in Pickering. The WORKS offers a variety of fresh hand-pressed burgers and fresh-cut fries, onion rings, 25 flavours of shakes, floats and more. Everything served from the restaurant is proudly Canadian, including the licensed establishment's beer and wine offerings. To find out more, visit the WORKS on 1794 Liverpool Rd. Read more

The Works Gourmet Burger Bistro/Fresh burgers - Article by The Barrie Examiner

Friday, 12 Jul 2013
It’s every hamburger lover’s dream. The Works Gourmet Burger Bistro opened this week in Barrie at 137 Dunlop St. E. in downtown Barrie. The southern Ontario chain has been growing rapidly across Canada. The Barrie location is owned by Eric and Gillian Mutrie. Gillian, who is from Barrie, said the patties are made fresh on site every day. Click to read full article. Read more

Sink your teeth into these burgers! - Article by The Brampton Guardian

Friday, 12 Jul 2013
Local burger enthusiasts now have a brand new restaurant to enjoy as The WORKS gourmet burger bistro officially calls downtown Brampton home. Originating from Ottawa, the restaurant chain has grown immensely over the past decade with 23 locations spread across Ontario. Click to read full article. Read more

The WORKS opens shop in Milton, Ontario! SNAP Article.

Thursday, 11 Jul 2013
The WORKS is thrilled to open their first location in Milton! Located on Main Street in the heart of downtown Milton The Works features some fabulous locally inspired burgers including Hadfield’s Big Bang & Bullard’s Beechhouse! They were also able to give back to the community at the same time with a “donate what you want” policy, with 100 per cent of the proceeds going to the Milton District Hospital Foundation. Read more

Grilling up The Works in Barrie - Simcoe News

Thursday, 11 Jul 2013
Gillian Mutrie and her husband Eric celebrated the opening of The Works Gourmet Burgers and Bistro with a free burger day, which was also a fundraiser for the Busby Street Centre. Barrie’s newest gourmet burgers are available at 137 Dunlop St. E. “We hope to serve 350-400 burgers today, which we are also using as a training day for staff to make sure everything runs smooth,” Gillian said Read more

SNAP says Pickering burgers are a "Works"-of-art!

Tuesday, 4 Jun 2013
Burger connoisseurs, get ready to satisfy your taste buds, because there's a new Burger Bistro in town. Canadian owned Gourmet Burger Bistro, The Works has officially opened its doors in Pickering at 1794 Liverpool Road. If you're tired of the same-old, same-old then check out this variety. The Works had over 100 customers waiting in line when they first opened their doors. Its no wonder there was a buzz, their burgers are "Works"-of-art! Read more

The WORKS in St Lawrence Market - Best Rooftop Patio in Toronto

Friday, 24 May 2013
The WORKS in St Lawrence Market, Toronto has one of the best rooftop patios in Toronto! Check it out for yourself @ There's nothing better than enjoying The World’s Best Burger & an Ice Cold Brew overlooking the beautiful city of Toronto. Click "read more & view full article" to see more! Read more

The WORKS Pickering is officially OPEN!

Tuesday, 21 May 2013
The WORKS Pickering was Rockin’ @ their official grand opening this month! Councilors Jennifer O'Connell, Bill McLean, Peter Rodrigues, Doug Dickerson and other Pickering notables were in attendance to support our newest franchisee Cathy & Craig Taylor on their Grand Opening of the WORKS Pickering! Read more

Top Choice Award nominee for The Best Burger Shop in 2013!

Tuesday, 21 May 2013
The WORKS is a Top Choice Award nominee for The Best Burger Shop in 2013! We need your help BURGERHEADS. Copy the link below & paste it into your web browser to VOTE for us! Voting ends July 15th, 2013. Read more

Give me "The WORKS" article in EnerSmart Magazine

Tuesday, 7 May 2013
Check out The WORKS Head Chef exclusive interview in EnerSmart Magazine! Chris Deopner shares the secrets to making chef-quality gourmet burgers at home. Read more

The WORKS Opens in St. Lawrence Market, Toronto!

Friday, 3 May 2013
Come check out our rockin’ new location in St. Lawrence Market on Wellington Street in Toronto. Sit outside on our rooftop patio, rock out in our restaurant or take a burg to go! This location has a separate Gourmet-To-Go take out area for express takeout orders. Read more

Get your drink on @ The WORKS this summer!

Friday, 3 May 2013
The WORKS has a new Adult Summer Drink menu featuring Spiked Shakes & Crushes, a new WORKS Caesar and a whole lot of ice cold Brews! We’ve got the perfect drink to pair with your Gourmet Burger! Read more

Burgers for a Cause!

Friday, 30 Nov 2012
The WORKS has launched a special holiday menu in support of local food banks. Read more

Come into The WORKS for a Quickie.
A LUNCH Quickie that is!!

Tuesday, 6 Nov 2012
Hey Ottawa, come into The WORKS for a Quickie! A LUNCH Quickie that is!!! Are you time strapped for lunch - but still want your WORKS Gourmet Burger? We are doing a test for a limited time in Ottawa where you can satisfy your craving, in just TEN MINUTES. Read more

The WORKS Bloor West Village opens this Thursday with FREE charity event!

Tuesday, 30 Oct 2012
Get ready to satisfy your #burgercraving Bloor West Village. Join us for our Grand Opening THIS THURSDAY, November 1st! Between 11am - 2pm and 5pm - 8pm, we'll be serving up complimentary meals with donations to benefit Runnymede Healthcare Centre. Come on by 2243 Bloor Street West! Read more

The WORKS wins big in the 2012 Guelph Tribune Readers' Choice Awards

Wednesday, 10 Oct 2012
A HUGE thank-you to those who voted us the #1 hamburger in the 2012 Guelph Tribune Readers' Choice Awards. Visit us at 97 Wyndham Street North, Guelph and see for yourself! Read more

The WORKS Burlington set to open it's doors this Thursday, October 11th!

Tuesday, 9 Oct 2012
The WORKS is set to open it's newest this week! Join us THIS THURSDAY, October 11th at The WORKS Burlington for a FREE gourmet burger. Read more

A Note to WORKS Burger Patrons

Saturday, 6 Oct 2012
We take food safety very seriously at The WORKS and can confirm that 100 per cent of the WORKS Gourmet Burger products have never been involved in a recall. We continue to focus on providing you the ultimate gourmet burger experience everytime! Read more

Argo's linebacker Joe Eppele makes the Wolf pack burger look like a snack!

Friday, 5 Oct 2012
Argo's linebacker Joe Eppele devouring not one but two WORKS Gourmet Elk burgers tonight at The WORKS Danforth. Joe makes the Wolf pack burger look like a snack! Read more

Hook It or Pull It!

Monday, 1 Oct 2012
Can't decide between mouth watering Salmon or succulent Pulled Pork? Well now you don't have to! Until Nov 11th you can come in and "Hook it or Pull It" at The WORKS. Read more

The WORKS at National Franchise Show

Friday, 7 Sep 2012
Interested in owning the world's best gourmet burger restaurant? Come and check us out at the National Franchise Show at the International Centre! We're there this weekend from 11am to 5pm, both Saturday & Sunday. Read more

MPP Michael Prue Welcomes The WORKS

Tuesday, 21 Aug 2012
The Beach-East York MPP, Michael Prue digs into the "Benny Piggenbeef" burger at the new Toronto WORKS location Read more

Breakfast Television: Summer Grilling Tips from The WORKS

Wednesday, 15 Aug 2012
The WORKS' Chris Deopner shares some burger grilling tips with Dina Pugliese from CityTV's Breakfast television. Read more
Jack Michaels, voice of the Edmonton Oilers, checks out The WORKS Gourmet Burger Bistro in Kanata and tackles their monstrous shake!

Jack Michaels, voice of the Oilers, checks out The WORKS!

Monday, 13 Feb 2012
Jack Michaels, voice of the Edmonton Oilers, checks out The WORKS Gourmet Burger Bistro in Kanata and tackles their monstrous shake! Read more

London Food Bank interview on NewsTalk Radio

Monday, 9 May 2011
Chris from The WORKS and Mary Ann from the London Food Bank are interviewed on NewsTalk Radio. Read more